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CloudPrompter is a modern Teleprompter for creators and studios, designed for faster productions.

Compatible with Glass/Mirror Teleprompters

Works on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

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A Professional Teleprompter in your Web Browser

Online Teleprompter in your Web Browser

Stop 💭 Thinking about What to Say Next

Use CloudPrompter as your trusted companion for your notes, lines, scripts and prompts. Speak with confidence during your live streams, presentations, important calls and more.

Say 👋 Goodbye to Expensive, Legacy Teleprompter Software

Be just like the big studios with a fully featured studio Teleprompter... CloudPrompter is the better Teleprompter solution for creators, modern productions, live streaming and more.

Trusted By Studios & Broadcasters

Our existing teleprompter software is already deployed into thousands of studios, production companies and media departments worldwide.

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