Fully Featured Studio Teleprompter For Any Workflow

CloudPrompter gives you even more flexibility for contecnt creation, remote production, streaming and more.

  • Broadcasts

    Prompt live to anyone in the world. Share a URL with anyone to send them a real-time Teleprompter that you can control remotely.

  • Transparency

    Create a transparent Teleprompter Window... Set any window on your computer as the background in your Teleprompter. Have your video call or live stream visible behind the text in your Teleprompter.

  • Record Video

    Easily record a video with your camera while you read your script at the same time. Recordings save locally to your device and are available instantly.

  • Mirror/Reverse Text

    Flip the text shown in the Teleprompter so that it's readable through mirror/glass teleprompter hardware

  • Keyboard Control

    Assign key commands to control the Teleprompter from your keyboard (or any other device that provides keyboard input to your computer).

  • Controllers

    Use a wide range of compatible controllers such as gaming controllers and presentation remotes to control the Teleprompter.

Smarter than Traditional Teleprompter Software

CloudPrompter works just like traditional Teleprompter software, with smarter and more versatile features for text, scrolling, layout and more.

Scroll Options
Scroll your text easily with a variety of options including manually scrolling (with your mouse wheel or trackpad), automatically scroll at a set speed, scroll with a controller and more.
Adjustable Cue Indicator
Add a cue indicator to the teleprompter to help your reader keep on track, with options for the layout and appearance.
Cue Points
Jump between specified points in your script easily by simply adding a cue point anywhere in the text.
Colours & Appearance
Adjust the fonts, background colours and text colours for any kind of setup.
Compose & Edit Scripts
Type and edit your scripts directly inside CloudPrompter. Changes are synced automatically across your devices.
Works On Any Modern Device
Use CloudPrompter on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone without downloading or installing any software