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Modern versatile teleprompter software for any production workflow.

  • Works on any modern computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
  • Prompt remotely in real-time
  • Transparency mode for video calls & live streaming
  • Ongoing updates & support
  • Use on all of your devices
  • Compatible with studio teleprompter hardware
  • Includes native iOS and macOS apps

Legacy Teleprompter Software

per computer

Typical legacy teleprompter sofware still used today. Typical limitations include:

  • One Computer
  • Limited to one platform / OS
  • Proprietary Controllers
  • Single License
  • Requires USB 'Security dongle'
Can I use CloudPrompter on any web browser?
Any modern web browser is compatible with CloudPrompter, we recommend using Safari or Chrome.
Is CloudPrompter compatible with video call apps like Zoom or Teams?
Yes, with the Transparency feature on a desktop or laptop computer, you can show any window in the background of CloudPrompter. This means that any video call app or services like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Discord (or anything else) can be used with CloudPrompter.
Learn More about Transparency Mode
Can I use CloudPrompter on multiple devices?
Yes, there's no limit to the number of different devices you can sign in to.
Does it work with different languages or scripts?
Yes, the text used in your script will be shown in the Teleprompter as-is, making it compatible with almost any language.
Can I control the teleprompter remotely?
Yes, either by using a Broadcast to control over the cloud from another device. Or you can use keyboard shortcuts and even a compatible gaming controller to control the teleprompter.
Learn More about Remote Control
Can I use CloudPrompter on both desktop and mobile/tablets?
Yes, if your device has a web browser then you can use CloudPrompter on that device
How does Transparency Mode work?
The Transparency feature allows you to select any window or desktop on your computer to be shown as the background in CloudPrompter, allowing you to see your content 'behind' the Teleprompter text.
Learn More about Transparency Mode
Can I use CloudPrompter with a professional video teleprompter?
Yes, CloudPrompter has all options to mirror/reverse the teleprompter text so that it's fully compatible with any glass or mirror type teleprompter hardware.
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