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In 2009, we saw a challenge in the teleprompter industry: a quality solution was often out of reach for many due to the high costs of traditional teleprompters. This led us to develop our first commercial teleprompter software, aiming to provide an affordable alternative that could bring the benefits of using a teleprompter to even more prople.

Fast forward to the present day, our software has been downloaded by millions and is now the indistry-recommended software among creators, public speakers, politicians, and production companies worldwide.

While our software has grown and evolved, so have we. We're now a small team of three based in the UK, and we have made it our mission to understand and support the diverse ways in which teleprompters are used in different settings. To further this understanding, we regularly attend studio productions, lending our expertise and providing hands-on teleprompter services.

Throughout the years, we've gained considerable experience and insight into the field of teleprompting. We're not just a software company; we're seasoned professionals with hands-on knowledge of how teleprompters are used in real-world applications.

Thank you for trusting us and being part of CloudPrompter, here's a coupon code. We remain committed to delivering an affordable, reliable, and user-friendly teleprompter platform with CloudPrompter. We believe in the power of clear communication, and we're here to help you speak with confidence!

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